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The Kola Gallery project aims to help artists, musicians, and craftsmen that seem to be present in great numbers in the Kola region, to connect to the world.

Художник Н.Г. Ляшенко (Надя Фенина)

N.G. Lyashenko (Nadia Fenina

Here you will find info on art-related events such as shows and exhibitions, info on new publications, and invitations to participate in workshops happening in Kandalaksha and area.


Pomor choir from the Village of Zelenoborsky

Artists, craftsmen, photographers, musicians, and poets or writers are presented here too.

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Above: Articles from Saami craftsmen from Lovozero

This resource may be of use to those looking to buy paintings by local artists or those based elsewhere but featuring the region in their work.

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Above: Paintings by Irina Sitdikova from Apatity

We personally know most of the people listed here. Although direct contact details are provided in most cases, and nearly all artists presented here speak some English or other European languages, feel free to contact them through us by writing to manfriday@yandex.ru.

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Above: At the Stone Flower fair in Apatity

This project grew out of a request by a painter and an art teacher from Kandalaksha, Olga Bogdanova, that we set up a site for her. Gradually other artists got added, some of whom benefited from and chose to support this project financially, thus leading us to the site as it is at this time.

Talk to us if you need any support or assistance in the Kola region, from scouting on your behalf to providing a driver, a guide, and an interpreter to look after your needs. See www.kandalaksha.su for a complete list of what we offer to humanity.

Анна Михайлова. Легенда о Куйве

Anna Mikhailova. Legend of Kuyva.

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